((* WeLc0mE! aLwAyZ uNdEr c0nsTrUcTi0N *))
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((*[12/6/04]::NiTe I wiLL nEvEr qUiTe ReMeMbEr....oR FoRgeT!<-P.H cRew*))

Randi! I miss our phone calls and Morning walks! "GUESS WHAT..HE FARTED" lmao We have the craziest convos in the world! Never forget THE BEACH...*cumPIC* lol BFF

HeY jAx! Daj Mi Pivo! hehe Volim te puno seko! *Cmoka*

Snuffy! I love you tonz!! Croatian/Non-Croatian Valley Girl Sistahs (est.2000) -DiVerSiTy CaMp- is a trip that will *NEVER* be ((*f0rGoTTen*)) LoVe yEw ToNz HuN! [[:BFF:]]

NaT... Ive gotten closer with you this year... THANK GOD GEOGRAPHY! lol Thx for letting me copy your notes...haha Tassone pickin on both of us! "Greening! Wake up!" and "Hunter!..Why are you hiding your face?...What's the answer" (Hunter)"Uhm...I...Dont..Kno?" LOL LOVE YOU SWEETIE! STEEL CITY ROX I SWEAR JUST LIKE PIZZA HUT! {BFF}

Ash-a-MaFeR!!!Love you tonz... Second lunch rocked and walking in the morning kicked bumm too "Hey look! Its Brady!...Getting on the Retard bus!" then the next day "Hey Look its Brady! IS he smokin up?"..."BRADY WAIT FOR ME" Lmao we never did find out who that kid was! haha BFF

MeGz- Love yew tonz sweetie! You for sure one of my close LaYdEeZ! *Felkers*...*Santa Clause Parade*...*Chillen @ Kyle's*...*Chillen @ Derek's*...*DriinKin*...*Kyle's BackYard*...*Funnels*...*Night time*...*New_Yearz_Planz*...*The Hospital*...*ThatMustangInTheHospital*...Sooooo Many Memz hunni Love yew *MuAh*

MiChAeL!!! I can only call you that...right big bro?? hehe LOVE YA TONZ...*Cody's house*...*MakinFiresInCodysBackyard*...*St.Marks*...*summer 04'* SO many memz! best friendz for life hunni! i mean it!

Kyle! Baybee...You are so awesome. I never expected me and you to actually happen. I'm so glad and thank God every day that I finally found you. Ive never been happier. I can FINALLY be myself around someone who likes me for who I really am! *My bLoNdE m0meNtZ*...*DriiNkiiNg*...*NeW yEaRz pLaNz*...so many memz and many to come! (kisses)

[♥]HOT RiDES- luv the expensive s h i i t[♥]
[♥]PAMPER me - i LUV iT! gifts jewlery flowers u know the DEAL[♥]
[♥]Beach-struttin my s h i i t[♥]
[♥]NippLe rings are seXii[♥]
[♥]I LOVE MUSiC-all kinds[♥]
[♥]*LA SENZA*-gutta luv the undiies[♥]
[♥]Shakin my B u M[♥]
[♥]My CeLLy[♥]
*kiss : s l o w l y - love : d e e p l y - forgive : q u i c k l y*
*Every girl wants a man that she can go to in her sweats, hair a mess, makeup running down her face, eyes red from crying and the first thing he says to her is "Baby youre beautiful: and means it!* ThanX for being my DrEaM GuY KyLe!
-Steph-Ash-Randi-Kyle-Nat-MegZ-Maria-Marie-Mike-Andrew-Kev-Cody-Bell-Viola-BeeFy-LyZ-Ame-MegZi-Amber-Amanda-Julez-Tristan-Hollie-Chris-Vik-John-Julez & everyone else!
Rest In Peace Aaliyah! 1979-2001 :(
I will always Love yOu KyLe! *I LoVe yOu ToDaY bUt NoT aZ mUcH aZ 2m0rr0w*
*DoNt wAnnA b An AmErIcAn iDiOt!*....*BasKeTcAsE*...*TiiMe Of YoUr LiifE*
I have! *in love*
thats right! Only Kyle does!
*ThE oNe & OnLy pLaYbOy HuNNiE*

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